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Your Coach

Your Coach Lina is an experienced life coach, having advanced many people to live more fulfilling, successful and balanced lives in Australia as well as internationally.

The testimonies speak for themselves. Lina specialises in enhancing all areas of your life, focusing on the core issue of your every need. We'll expand your vision, transform your abilities, empower you with great insight and bring you to greater heights.

Lina makes your success and achievement the number one priority in business, health and your personal life, helping solve your problems and empowering your dreams, visions and goals, bringing them forth into reality.

Lina is here for you as an individual, couples, families, children and youth as well as businesses and other group situations.

Using a wide range of approaches, from one-on-one sessions to business conferences, Illuminate Life Coaching is your perfect choice for every occasion and requirement. Sessions are run either in person or over the phone.

Lina delivers services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane as well as other Australian capital cities by appointment.

Make an appointment today and discover the Illuminate Life Coaching difference!